The Cognitive Dissonance of Abortion

My recent injury and subsequent trip to the ER got me thinking about the myriad of social services designed to keep our nation’s citizens safe and healthy.

Beyond the hospital and its vast menu of medical specialists, think about all of the safety measures involved with something as simple as driving a car: traffic lights and traffic control systems, auto manufacturer regulations, airbags, automatic braking, and object detection systems. We have state-regulated driver licensing to ensure people don’t drive until they are old enough, and won’t drive if they are impaired. All of these systems and processes are designed to protect our lives when we’re driving a car.

The list of careers, industries, products, policies, and regulations to keep us safe is incredibly long. Here are just a few: hospitals, building codes, food regulations, water filtration and cleaners, vaccinations, NICUs, car seats, alarm systems, rehab facilities, counselors and mental health workers, nutrition and exercise, electrical shielding, pool chlorine, cancer researchers, airline traffic control, street signs, and warning labels on household chemicals. Hundreds of thousands of people work to invent, manufacture, advertise, install, and sell products that are designed to protect our lives.

Americans are deeply concerned with the threats that kill the most people. The Centers for Disease Control reports that heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in America, taking the lives of over 1.1 million people a year. And so we invest heavily to protect ourselves and our loved ones, spending about $380 billion annually to research and treat heart disease and cancer.

We also pay particular attention to children and their protection. If you’ve ever installed a car seat in a small sedan, you know just how many rules and regulations there are related to child safety. Children outside the womb are given great attention and protection. For instance, every major city in America has a hospital with a fantastic neonatal unit to protect and care for premature babies.

One people group in America has no system in place to rescue or protect them. In fact, there is a multibillion-dollar industry working day after day to kill them.

Every people group in America, from children to senior citizens, has access to the world’s best care and protective systems.

Every people group, that is, except for one. One people group in America has no system in place to rescue or protect them. In fact, there is a multibillion-dollar industry working day after day to kill them. Legally.

The leading cause of death in America isn’t heart disease or cancer – it’s elective abortion. And it kills about as many people each year as heart disease and cancer combined.

While you and I enjoy the services of first responders and great hospitals, and while we are given every opportunity to flourish, thousands of preborn children who weren’t planned have no access to any type of care system. They have no police force, no firefighters. They don’t have access to the court system. They have no emergency rooms.

And while we invest hundreds of billions of dollars to protect ourselves from disease and death, we invest next to nothing to rescue preborn children.

Thus, America – a nation built on the inalienable right to life – has spent four decades committing silent genocide. We’ve killed 60 million of our own children since 1973. And we’ve tried to justify this evil with terms like “reproductive choice” and “women’s rights.”

There are about 1.2 million women in the U.S. each year who are “abortion-determined.” They’ve already made up their mind to abort, or they are being coerced to do so. They are a people group unreached by anyone but the abortion industry, who preys on them to make a profit.

It’s genocide. I know we typically relate the term genocide to Nazi Germany, Stalin, Rwanda, or Pol Pot. But legalized abortion is genocide nonetheless. A group in power has selected a weaker group that it wants to wipe out, and it continues to relentlessly kill them for its own selfish purposes.

Legalized abortion is genocide.

It’s the worst form of bullying – to prey upon a people group that has no ability to speak, to defend themselves, or to physically flee from fatal harm. It’s the worst form of devaluation – to remove someone’s right to live, simply because they may be perceived as inconvenient. It’s the worst form of discrimination – to arbitrarily declare a people group as worthless just because they are younger, or located inside a woman’s womb, or aren’t as fully developed as someone else.

And to offer every form of health care, protection, and rescue to all people groups except one – a subclass of preborn babies who can’t possibly advocate for themselves – pretty much makes America the worst. It’s a blight on the Christian Church as well, that victims of the worst discrimination and genocide in American history have no national system designed to rescue and care for them.

Will we advocate for preborn children? Will we rescue them and their families? Will we bring justice to the most oppressed, most vulnerable population in our country?

They are waiting.