What Does It Mean to be Pro-Life?

Where does abortion fit into our worldview? And how does our behavior reflect that?

Recent Episodes


Human Dignity and the Preborn Child: Part 1

Why does our culture acknowledge the dignity of born humans, but not the dignity of preborn humans? In the first episode in a series on human dignity, Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses different viewpoints of dignity, and how they impact our culture’s view of preborn children.


Seeing the Beauty of Motherhood During COVID-19

Throughout COVID-19, moms have been going the extra mile and sacrificing for their children. What do these sacrifices show us about the beauty of motherhood? In this episode, Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses the Biblical view of motherhood compared to the abortion industry’s use of fear to trample on the whole idea.


Planned Parenthood is at It Again

Planned Parenthood is at it again. This time, they are taking advantage of pandemic to argue that abortion is an essential healthcare service. Human Coalition President Brian Fisher discusses why abortion is in no way essential or healthcare, and describes what life-affirming care actually looks like.

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