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The powerful U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can change the abortion landscape in America. Brian discusses 5 questions pro-lifers should ask HHS to ensure that the children are rescued from abortion under President Trump.

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Questions to ask:

1. What is HHS’s Strategic Plan for Ending the Abortion Crisis?  

It is HHS’s job to identify and address the health and wellness crises facing the nation.  

Under Trump, HHS has identified, and rightly so, the Opioid Crisis as one of its top priorities.  

According to HHS, opioid overdoses are claiming the lives of over 115 Americans each day.  

In response, HHS has developed a 5-point strategic plan to fund the resources and research needed to mitigate the effects of this crisis in the U.S. 

Abortion, by contrast, is claiming the lives of 3,000 Americans each day. Yet, there has been no strategic plan released to address the abortion crisis by this pro-life HHS.  

2. What is the status of litigation against the Protect Life Rule? What steps are being taken to ensure that Title X funding to Planned Parenthood halts in the meantime?  

Each day, Planned Parenthood kills about nine hundred children. 

An executive department that defines life as beginning at conception and worthy of protection should have a firm and uncompromising posture toward the entities that stand opposed to that mission. 

3. How is HHS using existing programs to serve women and children targeted by the abortion industry?  

The abortion-seeking woman is the most unreached and underserved individual in the United States.  

There are programs within HHS, like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and the Pregnancy Assistance Fund that are not currently being used to serve pregnant women who need help.  

HHS has the power to use these programs and budgets to reach and serve women who are otherwise likely to be lied to and sold an abortion by businesses like Planned Parenthood. 

4. What public education initiatives is HHS implementing to inform pregnant women and the public at large about fetal development, life-affirming resources, and the destructive effects abortion is proven to impose on women and families?  

Again, it is HHS’s job to address public health crises, and that includes abortion. Abortion is currently the leading cause of death in the United States, killing about one million children per year.  

HHS addresses crises like opioid abuse and AIDS with widely-disseminated public service announcement campaigns, resource centers, educational materials, counseling services, and more.  

Pregnant women are a people group that most desperately need these educational opportunities but are not receiving them.  

5. What is HHS doing to enforce the law within its own agencies in the face of evidence that Planned Parenthood and other abortion allies committed criminal activity?  

Undoctored evidence of abortion industry wrongdoing was collected by David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) and compiled into the Human Capital project and released in 2015. 

In response, Congress convened a panel of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which obtained further documents and testimonies from the abortion industry players in question.  

This led to the referral of Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry allies to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal prosecution. 

Because of this evidence, HHS Secretary Alex Azar ultimately canceled a fetal body parts procurement contract that had been signed during the Trump Administration – but that small contract was one of over $100M a year on research of this nature that HHS continues to send to the abortion industry under President Trump.  

This is likely to continue as long as the status of Planned Parenthood’s prosecution remains obscure.